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As our clients, we CARE to ensure you receive top notch staffing service from us. Our specialty is in hiring qualified, passionate and professional individuals to meet your staffing needs, whether that be for an Event, Meeting, Tradeshow, Convention, Hospitality, Clerical and/or Direct Hire. We LISTEN to you, our clients, and we strive to fill your positions needed. We even accept special requests. After all, Ambassador Services is here to SERVE you. 

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Event, Meeting, Tradeshow, Convention, Hospitality & Catering, Clerical, Direct Hire


Please submit an RFP. If you do not have an RFP you may submit an in depth document of your staffing request including: location, number of staff needed, positions, start and end times, dates, and who the staff reports to. If you DO NOT have either of these documents ready, please fill out Section two below.


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Unless otherwise requested, Ambassadors arrive in standard Ambassador Dress Code. This dress code can be found by clicking on the link below:

Ambassador Dress Code