Working With The Ambassadors

Ambassadors are a select group of individuals who are chosen to become part-time employees based upon a number of factors such as skills, experience, personality, professionalism, flexibility, reliability, style and personality that fits right with us.

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Ambassador Essential Skills

Detail Oriented & Organized
Desire and ability to focus on crucial details.
Strive to do the best work; eager to provide outstanding service; positive, service-oriented demeanor
Able to handle multiple responsibilities simultaneously. Ability to take direction from more than one team leader or to switch gears when unexpected situations arise. Adaptable, versatile and resourceful.
Adapt quickly to changing needs. Performs well under pressure.
Possesses excellent listening skills.
Committed to do whatever it takes to ensure customer satisfaction, encouraging repeated business. Great Ambassadors are enthusiastic about their jobs and strive to do the best work possible; to leave the customer with a memory of the best experience available.
Bilingual & Multilingual
Ambassadors speaking, reading, or writing in a second language is highly desirable and may open the opportunities for more assignments.
Computer Literate
Good computer skills; familiar with a variety of applications.
Interpersonal Skills
Top notch interpersonal verbal, non-verbal, listening, and awareness “soft skills” to provide spectacular customer service. Interacts comfortably with customers and other Ambassador team members. Ability to make positive connections with clients, vendors, and other co-workers.